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The delivery of a reliable, actionable Energy Rating Report is the start of an exciting new chapter. Whether you’re a first-time homeowner getting ready to build the home of your dreams, or a builder working to deliver on a big project, meeting this requirement is an important stepping stone to something greater.

Urban Energy Ratings can help you get there.

The founder of Urban Energy Ratings, Sarah, has been working in the construction industry for well over 10 years and is an accredited Thermal Performance Assessor. Utilising accredited software (FirstRate5), Sarah performs energy efficiency ratings on all types of new residential buildings for clients.

As a property developer herself, Sarah understands the many considerations that go into a buildings’ thermal design and uses this knowledge to ensure clients receive high quality, accurate assessments that will meet the minimum 6-star rating as specified by the National Construction Code (NCC Vol 2).

With a passion for bringing more sustainable, energy efficient homes to Australia, Sarah is committed to her craft and is always up-to-date with the latest information in this area.

If you’re keen to move into the next phase of your residential project and secure a reliable Energy Rating Report with a fast turnaround, send an email to sarah@urbanenergyratings.com.au or complete the contact form below for a free quote.

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