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Here at Urban Energy Ratings we work with Australian homeowners, builders, architects and draftspersons to deliver reliable Energy Rating Reports in a timely manner.

Our priority is to help our clients meet energy efficiency rating requirements in order to be approved for building and planning permits in their respective states and territories.

Energy Rating Reports

An Energy Rating Report, otherwise known as a Thermal Performance Assessment, is required for all new home builds and renovations as per the guidelines of the National Construction Code (NCC) here in Australia. This initiative is designed to create more sustainable, eco-friendly, and efficient homes.

A completed report outlines the energy efficiency of a building, with the star rating indicating the amount of energy (i.e. air conditioning, heating) predicted to be used in order to maintain a thermally comfortable environment. The minimum standard rating across most of Australia is 6 star, meaning that your building will need to achieve this rating to be approved for construction.

We work with our clients to provide a reliable Energy Rating Report in a timely manner so that they can get on with the exciting stuff – building their residential project.

If for any reason your star rating does not meet the requirements we’ll provide tailored, actionable advice to adjust the design and bring it into alignment with energy efficient best practices.

What you can expect from Urban Energy Ratings:

  •  professional energy rating report with necessary certificates, stamps and specifications required for building permit approval
  • A highly competitive price so you can get started, sooner
  • Fast turnaround on quotes and report delivery
  • Expert advice from an accredited Thermal Performance Assessor utilising accredited NatHERS software
  • A valid home energy rating report that can be used Australia-wide

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